Guangzhou is located in guangzhou yun-long bai to industrial park hot thermal equipment co., LTD., is China's earliest manufacturers of plate heat exchanger dragon reorganized to heat exchanger factory, professional design and production of heat exchanger, heat exchange unit and other heat exchange equipment of high-tech enterprises, factory area 15000 square meters, now has more than 200 employees. Enterprise by CCS international quality, ISO9001:2008 certification, registration certificate, plate heat exchanger security environment management system ISO14001:2004 certification, and China classification society CCS certification, the products comply with gb production, at the same time meet such as ASM - E, JIS, CE - PED, API and other national standards and norms, the production of heat exchanger has made national security registration certificate, enterprise product USES the international most advanced plate heat exchanger design concept, through the hot, the company's r&d staff unremitting efforts, products awarded "certificate of guangzhou transformation of high-tech achievements", was rated as high-tech enterprises in guangzhou, for guangdong to outstanding contribution to the cause of energy saving at the same time, was selected as the energy conservation association director unit in guangzhou.

Hot, the company since its establishment, its advanced and reliable technology, unmatched quality, and its excellent and stable technical performance, and quickly occupied the market has two famous brands: the export of "hot REER" brand series and "force and LEAHO" brand series of sale in domestic market, and increasingly by the favor of many customers at home and abroad, including the United States Coca-Cola, Germany basf, Swiss lonza chemical building deep chemical group, Hong Kong, guangdong science and technology, guangdong blonde technology, France's le fu yeast and angel yeast, haier group, Britain's hk company, yunnan yun group, guizhou KaiLin group, dongyang photoelectron, KaiPuSong its branch of electronic science and technology, etc. In 2010, the Asian games were held, and the guangzhou hot products were also honored to contribute to the construction of the Asian games venues, providing technical and equipment support for the opening ceremony venues, swimming pools and other projects. Guangzhou hot company adhere to the "quality create the future" development strategy, the company has invested heavily in development for nearly a set of mould, establish performance testing center, more through constant technology innovation projects contribute own strength for the general customers.