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● Sheet metal stamping form at one time


1, Using the nation's largest hydraulic press (40000 tons), a press forming and blanking into whole, used in the process of suppressing the effect of soft processing technology, plate forming of high precision, good quality, no scratch and marks in the surface, and reduce stress.

2. In the same plate, the corrugated depth is the same, so that each contact point of the plate is intact.

3. There is no excessive stamping area on the plate, and no hidden cracks will be produced (cracks can be found under the microscope).

4. The metal lines on the plate are highly uniform.

5. The thinnest can reach 0.3mm.

Customer benefits:

1. The pressure capacity of plates is enhanced to avoid thermal stress fatigue and to avoid mechanical fatigue corrosion caused by oscillations and high frequency shaking.

2. The plate mechanical properties are better, avoiding the leakage caused by the hidden crack.

3, The contact point is distributed evenly, the medium flows through the plate, the turbulence is strengthened, the maximum limit increases the heat transfer efficiency.

4. Reduce the weight of the equipment and obtain higher heat transfer coefficient under the pressure requirement.

● Design of slab chocolate shunt section


1. The plate shunt is adopted: the cruciform (also known as the chocolate block) structure.

2, Even the most wide plate, also can make the fluid evenly distributed in every corner of the plate, eliminates the plate of the heat transfer on the stagnation zone and stagnation zone caused by the low velocity medium scale of plate corrosion.

3. Improve the heat transfer efficiency in the diversion area and the stagflation area, which is to improve the heat transfer efficiency of the whole plate.

4. High turbulence design prevents and minimizes the blockage of the channel between plates and achieves self-cleaning effect.

5. Minimize pressure loss in the shunt area.

6. Applying the principle of fluid mechanics, the stress method is applied to the fluid level, and the fluid enters the board more evenly and the stress is released.

Customer benefits:

1. All the heat exchange areas of the plates are involved in the efficient exchange of heat. All the physical areas of the plates are converted into effective heat exchange area and no heat transfer dead zones.

2. There is no flow dead Angle, it is not easy to accumulate scale, and it is not easy to have the chloride corrosion caused by fouling.

3. Can make full use of the allowable pressure drop, improve the velocity of the convection heat transfer part, and improve the overall heat exchange efficiency.

● Seal gasket design


1. The gasket structure adopts unique triangular roof design, and its sealing form is line seal.

2. Recognized best reliable gasket structure.

3, Can ensure that the plate in the middle of the clamping force when the gasket stress, the largest in smaller clamping force under the action of a large sealing force, to ensure good sealing performance and make the gasket in smaller work force, many times after disassembling gasket permanent deformation is small, the smaller force an d can prevent the plate deformation, gasket groove adopts enclosed design.

4, The sealing gasket raw materials are imported raw rubber, performance indicators have reached the international standard, and in accordance with the FDA standard (FDA standard 3A standard oil, milk).

5. The quality of seal gaskets produced by our company and the 100 years rubber enterprise (Gislaved) has surpassed domestic industry.

Customer benefits:

1. The gasket of the rubber gasket evenly sealed sheet gasket, strong sealing.

2. Avoid excessive temperature stress corrosion.

3. Convenient maintenance and maintenance.

● Positioning structure


1, Adopt unique positioning technology, in order to avoid plate deformation when disassembling and positioning groove, positioning device used the flanging process design, positioning precision still after disassembling, anchor point is more wear-resisting, also at the same time the prevent positioning groove for maintenance personnel. The four corners of the plate are designed with the auxiliary positioning cone skirt to achieve automatic alignment.

2. Adopt unique dovetail groove structure multi-point positioning method. This way of positioning using mechanical positioning "to a plane, a side fixed pin, on one side of the split pin" of the basic principles, thus opening a degree of freedom of workpiece, this way of positioning prevent produced localization phenomenon.


1. After the equipment is assembled, each plate is interlinked with each other to locate each other.

2. Preventing the positioning of the plate because of the rigidity of the middle positioning hole.

3. Prevent the leakage of the equipment caused by the deformation of the middle position when the plate repair is reassembled.

4. This plate is specially adapted to the operating conditions of the equipment and the flow of the medium and pressure.

5. The middle positioning structure of the plate is mainly used in the "five point positioning" structure.

Customer benefits:

1. Convenient maintenance, shortened the downtime during maintenance.

2. Accurate and convenient positioning system can ensure that even inexperienced maintenance personnel can easily return the plate to the site and ensure that no leakage occurs.

● Fast loading structure


1, By the former clamping nut by locking bolt and screw etc, Ann has a bearing box below, after the clamping nut through unique lock set to prevent loosening of the mounting plate heat exchanger with tighten or loosen the clamping nut. It is more convenient and convenient to disassemble the plate heat exchanger, which is a typical humanized design.

2. All parts of the frame are connected by thread.

3. The compaction bolts are all made of roll.

4. Press the bolt with bearing box.

5. The pressure bolts can be removed on the side.


1. No weld, easy to remove, not easy to rust corrosion.

2. The framework can be completely dissolved.

3. Nuts and bolts have no bite after long use.

4. Tighten and loosen bolts easily.


The interface type can be provided as requested by the user.

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