GL11 radiator
SRLwound heat exchanger

      The air heat exchanger (also known as a radiator or heat pipe) is a main equipment of heat exchanger for cooling or heating the air with hot and cold medium, pass into the high water, steam or hot oil can be heated air, brine or water can pass into the low temperature cooling air, so it can be widely used in light industry construction machinery, textile, printing and dyeing, electronics, food, medicine, metallurgy, starch coating and other industries in the hot air heating, air conditioning, cooling, cooling, dehumidification and drying.


Used for air conditioning, cooling and dehumidification of paper, chemical, light spinning and other enterprises.

Because its heat pipe is small, the wing is dense, so the effect is better.

 GL11 type numbering method:

Model - number of plates-surface tube number - surface tube length (inch)

If four rows are used, the surface tube is 10 and the tube is 42 inches, then gl11-4-10-42.

Steel pipe or copper tube with steel belt or copper belt, which can be used in drying and circulating water cooling system.

SRL type numbering method:

The SRL type radiator is in the direction of the flow direction of the two rows and three rows of tubes, the model is as follows:

SRL - 5 x 5/2 in the direction of airflow, two rows of tubes are arranged crosswise

SRL - 5 x 5/3 in the direction of airflow, three rows of tubes are arranged crosswise

     The U11 is a heat sink that applies both to the steam heating system and to the hot water heating system.

The in and out of the water connectors are on the same side, in and out of the water pipe use u-shaped bend

connection, so that to adapt to the specific requirements on the installation, namely heat one end of the line

pipe must rely on a wall or there are other obstacles, etc.


U11 type numbering method:

The number of rows (type - distance code) 3.2 - Surface - surface tube number length (inches)

Such as the use of the two row, distance is 3.2mm, the surface of the pipe number is 21, the length is 60 inches,

It's U11-2 (R) -21-60.

      Type SRZ is a kind of suitable for steam system suitable for hot water system

as air heater air, mainly used for hot air heating, air conditioning and heating system

of the drying device, is a main equipment of the hot air apparatus, which in the current

industrial and mining enterprises, widely used for the heating and ventilation system

of large buildings in.


SRZ type numbering method:

Model - size fraction of the length of the ventilated normal section - the integral of the width

of the width of the ventilated normal section (the range code)

If the length of the ventilation section is 1505mm, the width is 1001, the width is 1001, and

the film distance is 5mm, then srz-15 x 10 (D).