(REER hot, LEAHO force and) to provide heat exchange unit is a set of assembly in the frame on the combination of heat exchange device, including the plate heat exchanger, circulating pump, water pump, frequency converter, measuring adjustment and automatic control element and the necessary pipe, valve accessories. After the unit is delivered to the site, it should be connected to the system's heat source pipe, user pipe and supply water pipeline, and the control cabinet will be connected to the power supply. Small size, compact connection, convenient operation and maintenance, and convenient for transportation, hoisting and positioning.


      Energy conservation and efficient

      (REER hot, LEAHO force and) unit of the plate heat exchanger with high thermal efficiency and automatic control system, the energy consumption to a minimum and can meet the requirements of customers to use hot more and more high, kill two birds with one stone of it.


      (REER, LEAHO and) units are designed to meet the specific problems of customers, so they can meet the requirements of customers. Our unit can be used in large thermal stations, and (1-40MW) can also be used in the building. It can be used in the cooling of air conditioning system as well as in various environmental protection and water treatment waste heat recovery.

      Intelligent control

      Using the intelligent controller (REER, LEAHO and), all control functions of the unit can be reflected, and the function can be added and decreased according to the user's different needs. (REER hot, LEAHO force and) controller is designed for network, integrated digital collector, controller, industrial computer, data server, and communication module, function is a highly integrated compact, a thermal station as long as a controller can meet all the requirements for monitoring and control system.

      Selection of ball valves and quality valves

      Take the lead in the large caliber welding ball valve as the standard configuration of the unit, write specifications, allowing users to use free from leakage concerns. At the same time, hydraulic drive, self - return and numerical control valve, so that the unit to a higher level.

      A variety of forms

      According to the actual needs of the user, there are several series of standard units, water and water heating series, water and water air conditioning series, water and water life hot water series, soda air conditioning series.