basic parameters
Overall dimensions
BRQ series all-welded

•  Applicable to pure media;

•  Erect installation is recommended;

•  The best choice of condenser and evaporator;

•  Plate around all contact with vacuum brazing, between the sheets without gasket seal can be 3.0 MPa pressure resistant and high temperature of 225 ℃;

•  Heat transfer coefficient is high, the water - the water exchange of up to 7500 w/k ㎡

•  Work pressure: 3.0 MPa

  Working temperature: 195 ~ 225 ℃

•  Applicable media: all kinds of refrigerants, water, water vapor, oil, organic solvents and gases other than ammonia and chlorine

•  Sheet material:SUS316L

•  Take-over material:SUS304

•  Solder material: 99.9% copper, nickel welding


    BRQ type welded (welded plate heat exchanger is modified) set of tube heat exchanger and high temperature resistant and high pressure and the detachable heat exchanger for advantages of high heat transfer efficiency in one. The utility model has the advantages of light weight, high heat transfer system, small resistance, uneasy scaling and high adaptability. Generally applicable to steam liquid phase change, heat and liquid - liquid phase - free heat transfer. Widely used in the chemical industry, metallurgy, food, medicine, light industry, textile, power plants and many other industries.

      BRQ type welded plate heat exchanger (condenser) is a group of adjacent metal corrugated sheet at a 180 degree angle of welding is composed of alternately arranged plate beam, and the end plate and other parts assembly. This series of equipment under the head can be disassembled for inspection side plate channel and weld welded, modified, upper and lower head removable, side seal plate can be disassembled, used to check on both sides of plate channel and weld seam, remove sediment from the channel surface, between the plate and the plate can not be opened, such as dirt, water, steam flushing or generally take chemical cleaning.

      The utility model can be applied in chemical fertilizer media (gas / gas, gas / liquid, liquid / liquid) heat exchange (gas phase condensation) in chemical fertilizer enterprises and other chemical enterprises. The applied pressure is less than 2.5MPa and the applied temperature is less than 300 centigrade. Compared with the following advantages with tubular heat exchanger:

♦  The heat transfer (condensation) efficiency can be increased by 3 times.

♦  After applying plate heat exchanger (condenser), the process route can be shortened to reduce the system resistance (when the condenser is applied in the refrigeration system, which can effectively prevent the ice mill outlet overpressure).

♦  The equipment is small in size, light in weight and small in occupation.

♦  Convenient installation and maintenance of equipment.

  The amount of cooling water is saved and the regulation is simple and convenient.

♦  The equipment can be equipped with a steam water separator without additional equipment.

♦  Perform standard Q/IAHL2-2000

Note: the sheet material selection of SUS304, 316L stainless steel or Hastelloy, titanium, import and export of pipe can be determined according to customer requirements, the heat exchange area of 10-300 square meters.