A thousand-mile causeway is in the nest. For ships that need to sail for long periods of time, a tiny equipment failure can cause a series of deadly problems that seriously threaten the safety of ships and crew.

      REER of heat exchange equipment as the slide on the ship diesel engine oil cooler, fresh water cooler, central cooler, cooler, jacket water cooler and other major equipment, is widely used in oil tanker, liquefied gas ship, container ships, bulk carriers and engineering ship, the ship sailing play an important role in the process. Highly corrosive and prone to scaling, the operating conditions of seawater test the corrosion resistance and high efficiency of REER heat transfer equipment, and the long running test will test the safety and stability of REER heat transfer equipment.


      The cooling water system of ship has open seawater system, closed - type fresh water cooling system and central cooling system. The central cooling system is divided into seawater and fresh water pipes. The fresh water pipeline is less corrosive and clean, and the management cost is low. High temperature and low temperature two fresh water respectively cooling different ship equipment, making the system adaptable and improving the performance of equipment.

      The central cooling system is divided into high temperature hot fresh water and low temperature freshwater closed system. The former is used to cool the host, which is used to cool hot water and various cooler. The heated fresh water is cooled by an open seawater system in a central cooler. Therefore, the arrangement of seawater piping is simplified using only one cooler using seawater as a coolant.

      Most of the lubricating oil cooler is water cooled, according to different structure shape, plate and spiral copper tube type.