A new type of high efficiency energy-saving laser heat exchanger is developed by our company. Adopting rapid prototyping manufacturing technology is a new technology which integrates CAD technology, numerical control technology, laser processing, new material science, mechanical and electronic engineering and other disciplines. It was developed in the late 1990s and is considered to be a major breakthrough in the manufacturing field over the last 20 years. It is a representative of advanced manufacturing technology.


Unique channel: channel heat exchanger design of laser chip is thermal mathematical model and experience for many years to establish a field experiment set us countless times of the accumulation of different conditions by computer analysis, provided by the computer output up to a dozen channel scheme.

♦ Manufacture: laser type heat exchanger single plate is the two metal plates are placed in the automatic laser welding workbench, according to the set channel in welding, when the whole Bandou after completion of welding, then plate weld seams around, the double convex part is hydraulic expansion through import water reservation, according to a predetermined pressure pressure molding.

♦ Sheet material:The heat exchanger of the laser chip material can use an ordinary 304, 316L, 914L, 254SMO, 321, titanium, Hastelloy alloy and other special corrosion resistant alloy material processing, laser type heat exchanger under maximum pressure 6MPa, under pressure up to 10MPa, the highest temperature is 800 degrees centigrade.

♦ Easy cleaning: laser chip each heat exchanger heat exchanger are independent of the unit, the surface is planar, relative to other forms of cleaning heat exchanger, two-dimensional plate surface easy to clean, easy to adjust plate spacing, combined with different spacing, to meet the requirements of working conditions.

♦ Broad applicable: heat exchanger laser chip internal can flow water, hot oil, steam, etc. in addition to the refrigerant; circulation of water, oil, steam, etc. the refrigerant fluid external laser type heat exchanger, but also the circulation of various gases, flue gas etc..

♦ Equipment structure: the structure of the general formed laser chip heat exchanger can be seen below. The heat exchanger and the dry pipe of the heat exchanging pipe can be made of a high pressure hose, and the heat exchanger can be integrally lifted so as to clean and flush the flow passage and the heat exchanger.

Special note: heat exchanger laser chip advantage, can be used and cannot be used in other heat exchanger occasions, most suitable for containing impurities, easy to plug the heat exchanger fluid or gas, air and flue gas heat recovery conditions etc..