Asphalt heating oil

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Asphalt special heater (screw type)

The asphalt heater produced by our company is a new type of heat exchanger developed by our company for asphalt industry. Through the technical innovation of our company, the heat exchanger is used very well in the asphalt industry.

Usually in the heating furnace of heat conducting oil as the heat source, heat conduction oil as heat carrier (hot oil temperature up to 300 DEG C, requires a minimum of 220 DEG C), using liquid-phase circulation pump forced circulation, the heat transfer to my company production of asphalt heater, heat conducting oil heating equipment, new technology and then returns to the asphalt heater.

Large asphalt asphalt storage tank or general use of the 57 seamless steel tube bent into S type pipe heating tank, divided into 3 layers, heat conduction oil cyclic heating the asphalt is heated to 100 degrees above, assuming that the asphalt tank asphalt tank temperature is 110 degrees, we need the asphalt is heated to 180 degrees, according to 20 t/h asphalt, asphalt heater produced by our company, is the asphalt from 110 degrees to 180 one-time heating (or above), much higher than the old heating efficiency used previously, by conducting oil asphalt fast heating to 180 degrees in a short period of time, effectively reduce the aging of asphalt.

Asphalt heater is a kind of high efficiency heat exchanger. It is suitable for steam, steam, liquid, liquid and liquid. It is suitable for chemical, petroleum, solvent, medicine, food, light industry, textile, metallurgy, steel rolling, coking and other industries.

High heat transfer efficiency: lower than other types of heat exchangers. For non corrosive media, the price is absolutely competitive. For the same heat load, it is lighter than other types of heat exchangers and less investment in the equipment foundation. High heat transfer coefficient heat transfer efficiency is 3 times that of tubular heat exchanger 1, high heat transfer coefficient of 3300W / (M - K) operation reliability: no detachable two channels for seal welding, ensure the two working medium is mixed; the effective recovery of low temperature heat: two kinds of equipment can be exchanged within the working medium full counterflow heat, suitable for small temperature difference of heat transfer, heat recovery, make full use of low temperature heat resistance is small; with low pressure loss, high processing capacity of vapor or gas; self cleaning ability, because of its medium spiral flow, no dirt deposition; easy to clean, can use steam or lye washing, simple easy installation, suitable for cleaning device; the media channels, allowing the flow of heat exchanger is high than the other.

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